Date:December 06, 1997


When ecology meets technology

Nordic and European Ecolabel certified ECOSOURCE airless dispenser is the first cosmetic dispenser guaranteeing formulations without preservatives which are as soft for the skin as the environment.

Innovative patented exclusive technology enables products to be heated and packed in airless sterile refill bags, thus offering a unique combination of quality, ecology, innovation and security.

The first dispenser of preservative free cosmetics 

Ecological & economical packaging
. Airless technology in a sterile environment 
. no wastage : 98 % usable liquid
. controlled dispensed measure – each push provides 2 ml of liquid
. The weight of the emptied bag is only 11g of enviromentally friendly plastic
. Dispenser holder made in recyclable ABS material

The use of airless technology avoids any risk of oxidation or baterial contamination and allows the liquid to remain fresh and clean at all times.